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What Sets Himkala Adventure Apart?

What sets Himkala Adventure apart from the hundred other tour and travel organizing companies in Nepal? Besides being single-sightedly determined to deliver top-notch services to our guests, this is what, as we and our guests alike believe, distinguishes us from the other tour and travel agencies.


  • Unlike other companies, we don’t believe in offering generic tour and trek packages to our guests. Every traveller has his/her own likes, dislikes, and preferences. So why should their journeys be similar? We pride ourselves in providing custom-planned trips which cater to your needs solely.
  • Himkala Adventure’s Free Walking Tour is the first of it’s kind in the country! Explore the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu and witness the daily lives of the locals in one of our Free Walking Tours. We organize two walking tours in two different shifts on a daily basis. Join us and know how the lives of the Nepali population in Kathmandu city truly are.
  • Trust-worthiness is not something that can be promised and boasted about in words. One has to prove it for others to believe them. And that’s just what we have been aiming at. The reviews from our guests over the span of time from all over the world on Trip Advisor as well as social media sites will tell you that there is no need for you to fret about the trust-worthiness of Himkala Adventure.
  • We believe in value for money just as much as you do. If you are to invest in a trip or a trek that you are greatly looking forward to, there must not be any glitches on the way. That’s what Himkala Adventure is there for. No glitches, no difficulties during your trip and/or trek in Nepal.
  • Last, but not the least, we try to make our guests feel at home in our country. We serve them in the most honest of spirits, putting our best endeavours to make sure that they enjoy traveling in Nepal just as they would travel in their own country.

If you want to know more about Himkala Adventure, download our company profile. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We are happy to see your positive response.

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