Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

Lumbini, Nepal

Nepal is a spiritual land. Many Rishis, Maharshis (Holy men) meditated in this land. It is the land to attain spiritual power, to do tantra practices. It is the country where there are many stories about god and goddesses. Each natural thing represents a part of god and its significance. We have old myths and legends. So, accordingly, people have faith, beliefs, either it is superstitious of scientific.
Nepal has many such ancient places where it is said to have presence of gods and goddesses. People to get rid of suffering, pain, bad luck and have happy days in life, particularly for peace and prosperity flock there. They worship, offer the things. They even do animal sacrifice. They do meditation, yoga and with great satisfaction and fulfillment, return back to home and share these things. Here is a religious tolerance between the religious followers. We do never have a religious strife. Buddhists go to Hindu Temple and Hindus go to Buddhists Stupa and walk around, chant mantras. This is all going from eons ago, since the human beings got aware about the religious concept.

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