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Nepal has got lot more changes in trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering.Obviously, It is not time when explorers in the past used to do with their equipment, information and facilities. Nepals geographical terrain has such uniqueness that it has never withered its color, charm, beauty. It is true, as it is said by Sir Edmund Hillary that Nepal has been a ecological slum and it has been victimized by erosion, landslide but there is nothing to complain what it has possessed. The old trekking trails have been flocked by the travelers, trekkers. It has some management problem but there are still lot more things to explore. There is not difference, even an inch in the natural beauty and cultural practices. Only the thing is the older routes are over pressurized and it had got some environmental problem. The problem is due to modernization, newly constructed roads and the pure trekking trails have been snapped somewhere. It does not mean that it has been beyond recognition. Of course not.

Newly Opened Trekking Routes are for them who has already done trekking in older routes and they want some new things, new culture and some sort of isolation. The Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN have done their level best to explore, discover new trekking trails. There are still many places which are completely virgin and will be opened in the days to come. These are the places completely untouched, outlying, isolated villages with their originality living in this planet, and not influenced by outer world activities. We hardly find tea house facilities so, it is always advised to select professional trekking agency to organize camping trekking with experienced guides in such region. We have meticulously planned newly opened trekking packages like Mardi Himal Trekking, Tamang Heritage Trekking, Indigenous Peoples Trail, Tsum Valley Trekking, Nar Phu Trekking etc.

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