Family Tours in Nepal

Family Tours

Family Tour is particularly more focusing, caring and more supervised tours. This does not mean that there is a hierarchy for other types of tour we organize. Family consists of many different aged group members like grandparents, parents, teenagers and children. There will never be the same pace, likes/dislikes, demands and the spirit. Although there is mutual understand between each members of the group, there are still many things to compromise.

Family tour is considered as one of the effective knowledge, experience sharing tour with their family members and the loving ones. While travelling, the kids quench their thirst of educational exploration, history, art and architecture and they have great opportunity to compare the real background they do have and the new place they visit. The most important thing is that they start to learn the cultural experience of this land. These sorts of tour are specially designed for their fun and relaxation.

Nepal is rich in culture and Nepalese have been brought up in modest way to show their love and respect in perfect cordiality. We respect the elders and love the juniors. The existing norms and values of our family always reflect the way we deal to our guests.

Therefore, besides many things to see, Nepal shows the great hospitality for any aged group people. The courtesy and the guests treating as a divine figure saying “Atithi Devo Vawa” is in practicality in the culture. There can be variations as we have diversities in topography and the way of dealing but the essentially everything goes heartily.  You will be under caring guidance. It is focused on convenient, fun creating, relaxing, and soft adventurous type of programs so that all the family members will be equally rejoicing the trip.

So, Himkala Adventure has designed the family package tour to offer the realistic, educational things aiming children, youths and the adults in the congenial atmosphere comprising easy walking foothills of the Himalayas, exotic wildlife, exploration of cultural sights, and to have enough fun together. Realizing the moment, being together out of your own homeland, all the family members does have more expectation to make the trip the most exhilarating one, so Himkala tries the best to fulfill your dream come true.

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