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Nepal is a south Asian Country. It lies in between China and India. It is a landlocked country but it forms the very watershed in Asia. The country is divided into three altitude zones running from west to east. The northern part is Himalayan Chain as high as 5,000m. The largest part of the country consists of a middle elevation is hilly region. The southern part is the plain land. The way we have differences in topography, the same way  we have diversity in ethnicity, their ways of living, their culture, traditions, rituals, dialects  and so on. Nepal is known as the great Himalayan country in the world.

Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, Buddha and his birth place Lumbini and the brave Gurkha soldiers are the prime things to recognize Nepal. We have eight of the world’s ten highest mountains. Nepal is a nature gifted country. It has still many areas where modernism has not touched anymore and the originality is intact. So, some people who travel to Nepal for the first time are smitten, hopelessly in love with it and want to involve in many ways.

Nepal is a sovereign country which is never colonized. We do not have any religious strife. People have religious tolerance and respect each other. A delightful similarity is that Nepalese speak the language of courtesy and hospitality is a national culture. Explanation is not enough, your gracious presence here to see natural and cultural heritage, a living museum would make you feel what Nepal really is. Namaste!!!

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