Weather in Nepal

Weather in Nepal gets changed according to the season. The best seasons to travel in Nepal are autumn and spring. Autumn comes with soothing breezes, sunny days, and blooming flowers with wonderful fragrance where people enjoy their festivities. Autumn here in Nepal commences from early September to early December whereas the spring starts from the beginning of March to the end of May with occasional rainfalls. The monsoon season in Nepal is from June to September. It’s slippery to do trekking in this time and does have the risk of landslide and avalanche but there are some trans- Himalayan reasons of Nepal like Mustang, Dolpo where people can trek without any anxiety because these are rain shadow areas therefore receive significantly less precipitation.

You can enjoy Nepal visit at any time. People do not only expect the clear, sunny days but some people like many different facets to observe and experience in Nepal. For example: Rainy season is the time for heavy rainfall. It is muddy, cloudy day but People may enjoy with the farmers while planting rice in the field. They can celebrate their holidays in different ways with the local people.

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