Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird Watching in Nepal

Nepal’s Birds. There are over 800 species of birds in Nepal. This is because the country contains a vast variety of bioclimatic zones – from the sub-tropics of the southern Terai belt up to the arctic summits of the Himalaya. However, bird watching in Nepal is a relatively recent phenomenon. So recent, that there are chances for bird watchers to find new species and name the newly found species! Bird watching in Nepal is one of the country’s best adventures as it provides experiences in many different areas of the country and provides plenty of exercise in the process.

Kathmandu Valley alone has over 400 species of birds. The southeast Kathmandu valley rim provides the most variety in altitude and vegetation and, consequently, a wider number of birds. An example of one tour is to begin from the Godavari Botanical Garden, at 1,520 m high from the sea level, and then slowly walk up to Phulchowki Hill (2,770m.) where hundred species can be seen in a day. In all of Nepal, this is considered premiere area for bird watching by Birdlife International. Such rear birds to be seen include the Yellow-Throated Minivet, Tibetan Siskin and Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird. Another other important place for bird watching is Shivapuri National Park, the closest park to the International airport, just 25 km from the city center of Kathmandu.

For sub-tropical birds, Chitwan National Park, located in Nepal’s southern Terai belt, is considered the best location for bird watching. At Chitwan, three important species of birds can be found, including The Acrobatic Blue Indian Roller, three species of Hornbills, who plaster their mates and young inside a hollow tree and the infamous Common Hawk Cuckoo or “Brain-Fever bird”

Another beautiful place for the bird watching is the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, located on the bank of the Koshi River. During the spring migration, up to nineteen species of ducks and many species of storks and cranes can be seen in the magical location.

Bird watching in the Hill Region of Nepal naturally requires more time and effort, but is equally rewarding. The region near Pokhara has a vast array of birds. They can be viewed at several lakes around Pokhara and they can be followed on their migration routes up the Kali Gandaki River Valley. Beyond the village of Jomsom, high on the route ofthe Annapurna Massif, many birds typical of the Tibetan plateau can be found, including the Tibetan Snow Finch and the Tibetan Partridge.

The far western region of Nepal, including Rara Lake and Shey-Phoksundo National Park is dry and excellent for summer trekking and bird watching. High altitude birds such as the Tibetan Snow Cock can also be seen on a visit to the Everest region in Sagarmatha National Park, an experience never to be forgotten!

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