Potala Palace

Tibet is the rich place culturally and historically. Tibetan Buddhism has hold special position and the matter of interest in the world. It can be said that it is the dwelling place of gods, lokeshwora, tantra and spiritual spirits. Tibet has got many storied Potala Palace that towers above the city like a celestial realm suspended in air. Lhasa is the main city where are other treasures are Barkhor, mysterious, Jokhang Temple, Tibets most sacred shrine.

There are lot more changes in Tibet. It has got physical changes a lot. Flights between Lhasa and Kathmandu have been very easy. Its easy to fly in or out. The overland route to Tibet offers many fascinating experience beyond those of Lhasa - a spectacular view of the Himalayan snow from the Tibetan plateau. We can see the white glaciers, raw multi-colored hills, the famous torquoise lake, and the ols monastic cities of Sakya, Shigatse and Gyantse

Tibet was the land of many principalities, with different dialects and styles of dress. There were many sects and subsects of Tibetan BUddhism, often conflicting and all enriching one of the worlds greatest and most complex religious traditions.Lhasas neighbouring cities, the traveler will experience the wonderful diversity of the Tibetan people and their culture, the diversity that made Tibet remarkable.

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