Special Interest Tour in Nepal

Special Interest Tour in Nepal

Nepal does not have only great Himalayas but also peculiar eye catching discoveries in it. You could find here may things to learn and experience, and immerse yourself in. From where would you like to begin? from the ancient art , craft  exploration or spiritual excavation, the chance to learn about philosophies, language, music or to observe a ritual or a dance, The studies of Aayurveda, homeopathy or Tibetan medicine?

In Nature we have the world’s most famous collection from the Himalaya- flora or fauna? The way of living, their simplicity and humbleness can entice anyone of this planet.Nepal itself is the living museum. We have unique culture, tradition, norms and values. One can dig it out, can do thesis on under priviledged people who are still fighting for their basic needs. Our arts and crafts from the Medieval period till this time ia still intact and has carrried it out by the new generation. You could come to explore and get back to your country.

Nepal is still the place for Ashram for the ancient language learning like Sanskrit. Is there any place where Sanskrit language is alive, that is Kathmandu Valley and some hilly areas. So come to learn with those experts about how Vedic performance has begun and how Nepalese are following animism, shaktism, Vaishnism, Shaivaism, Tantric Buddhism, Shamanism and so on. We have almost everything that you are looking for. Only the problem is you are unaware of it and Himkala Adventure can manage for your everything needs to accomplish your cherished goal.

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