Photography Tours in Nepal

Photography Tours

Photography in Nepal is really an exciting. One should neither be a genuine, professional photographer to get pictures here nor should search for the particular subject, source. Every scene is new for you. Nepal is awesome to get special experience through photography. What would you like to capture in your cameras? Old cities with incredible arts and architecture, many different ethnic groups with their natural smiling faces, stone  paved narrow alleys of Newari villages, beautifully decorated monasteries , huge stupas, terraced landscapes, celebration festivals with great festivity, sultry sadhus , scenic mountains, rustic life of the villagers, bustling local markets, many more .This is the place for research and documentation. So, you could have many volumes of documentary of your research.

Nepal is a country where the photographers fulfill their dreams and lengthens their stay. Nepal has very friendly people who are neither camera shy nor camera weary like other places. Nepalis are found very interested to be included in your cameras if you politely request them for pictures.

Himkala Adventure has been organizing such tours and we always help you and guide you to the most amazing spot making it possible to compose and take much better images than that you used to. Our team brings you the best of Nepal to build up your powerful photographic portfolio. You can make great images, review, and improve your photographic vision and technique while we take care of your logistics.

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