Tibet's Unique Cultural Tour

Tibet's Unique Cultural Tour

Tibet is known as the "Roof of the World". Tibets wide sweeping mountain vistas, intense colors and dazzling light make it completely unlike any other part of the planet. It is an otherworldly landscape; yet Tibetans live their entire lives here in valleys at altitudes well above most other continents mountain summits. You can get a panorama of the small old city of flat - roofed Tibetan houses encircled by a growing number of modern houses. The quiet flagstoned streets seem not to have changed for centuries; they are lined by traditional white washed Tibetan houses with prayer flags tied to tree branches set onto the corners of the roofs. Women can be seen in long chubu and striped woolen apron look up with cheerful smiles.

A unique brand of Mahayana Buddhism permeates every aspect of Tibetan society, culture and art. Golok women can be seen with their hair plaited in 108 braids, Khmpa men from the east with red tassels wrapped around their heads and big knives stuck through their belts.For more amazing than the Tibetan haute couture, however, is the religious fervor which fills the streets.There are many ways to earn religious merit, burning juniper incense, repeating mantras, visiting temples, spinning prayer wheels, prayer beads in hands, walking clockwise around the holy objects.So, Tibets cultural life is unique, complex and curious than any other in the world. Once you visit Tibet, this could be a great life time memory.

Himkala Adventure organizes Tibet Tour in three different ways. First an overland trip of 953 km over the dusty high altitude road to Lhasa; second, from Kathmandu to Lhasa one way overland with a one hour flight back; third, a Kathmandu - Lhasa - Kathmandu air journey, with sightseeing in and around Lhasa.

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