Home Stay Trekking

Homestay Trekking

Home Stay in Nepal is the latest trend in tourism sector. Human beings want to get changes with the flow of time. They have experienced the luxurious hotels, many other kinds of amenities and now want to know the real, genuine cultural practices. But these are simply not possible in city, may be possible - the artificial one. The real tourists who is really willing to know who Nepalese are? what do they do from the vedic period? How is their way of living? want to know being with them, This is why home stay is popular day by day in Nepal. Home stay has brought changes a lot in the economy of local people. They have been working in community well. Their relationship with each other for social duty and responsibility has been strong. They have been aware about the health and sanitation. They have learned something exchanging with new guests. They are going ahead for preserving their culture, tradition and so on.Similarly there are many rules to abide by the home stay visitors as well. Home stay in Nepal like Sirubari Home stay, Ghale Gaon Home stay, have been the role model in Nepal

Nepal has more villages and it has great scope. Tourists want originality  to experience about Nepalese way of living, their typical food, dress, cultural practices, hospitality and so on. The host also can be benefitted earning foreign currency. So, there is mutual relationship between host and visitors. Himkala Adventure has run many home stay trekking in the bygone days. We can take you this place where the people smile and show their cordiality from the core of their heart.  

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