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Nepal to Tibet – Lhasa

Lhasa means ‘the place of the Gods’ in the Tibetan language. Lhasa – the name itself brings to mind a multitude images. The city is surrounded by treeless hills and lies in the valley of the Kyi Chu or Lhasa River, which flows southward to pour in to the mighty waters of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Above the city…

Three Cities of Tibet

Tibet has much more to explore. This place evokes the feelings of awe and mystery. Either the flight in or out from Kathmandu to Tibet or overland route to Tibet, offers a totally different experiences. This is the land of ancient Buddhist culture, awesome landscape, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and century’s old caravan trails. …

Permits and visa to Tibet

Many tourists from all around the world come to visit Nepal because of its astonishing, diversified landscapes, the empire of the Himalayas and varied cultural practices. Tibet, neighboring to Nepal, stands aloof on the roof of the world; the forbidden land of the Himalayas also draws many travelers in spite of many obstructions. Many tourists wish to visit Tibet.

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