Champa Devi Hiking

Champa Devi Hiking

Published Date :11 Jan, 2017

Champa Devi Hiking is one of the best hiking trails in the Kathmandu Valley ridges that offers an amazing experience walking through the pine forest. The spiritual or pilgrimage tour can be added visiting Dakshin Kali and Pharping Monastery and the hiking further adds extra flavor. The magnificent view of Himalayan ranges in the east like Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Jugal, Dorje Lakpa from the top of the hill gives immense pleasure.


The trail passing through Hattiban Resort is scenic like we can see the monastery of Pharping and the other side Taudaha (the Lake on the way to Pharping), Bagmati river flowing, and the valley surrounded by the hills are fascinating.


Champa Devi hiking is an easy hiking, can be done by any aged group people that lies in the southern part of Kathmandu. It is an hour bus drive from Ratnapark to Dakshinkali, 19 km south from Kathmandu.Before the hike, we can visit Dakshinkali, the famous Hindus' Shaktipeeth where there is animal sacrifice. After 45 minutes' walk from Dakshinkali to Pharping, we can visit Pharping village, Monastery and Ashur Cave where Padmasambhava meditated and got enlightened. It takes about 20 minutes' to come to the junction where the trail branches off to Champa Devi when we come through Sheshanarayan.


It takes 3 hours (depends on your pace) to reach to the top of Champa Devi at an altitude of 2285 m. Champa Devi is a pilgrimage site where there is a little shrine dedicated to Hindu Goddess. We can take a 360 degree view from the top, walk further towards Chandragiri hill and return back the same way down and turn left.


We pass through the chest nut forest and arrive at the newly built Historical Heritage Park. Following the the path straight down the wall, back trail of the houses, we meet the dirt road and reach to Boshan village. After 30 minutes walk, we reach to the valley floor and straight go towards Panga, a Newari city west of Kirtipur. If we have enough time we can explore Kirtipur like Bagbhairv Temple, Chilancho stupa, Uma Maheshwor Temple and so on, then we drive back to Kathmandu.

Written by: Shiva Dhakal (A licensed holder city tour Guide)