Free Walking Tour Kathmandu

Free Walking Tour Kathmandu

Published Date :22 Jan, 2017

Himkala Adventure is a trekking/tour company run by an experienced, a government licensed holder guide to provide quality services in tourism  sector related to trekking, tours, day tours, hiking, rafting, mountaineering, bungee-jumping, paragliding and many other adventurous activities.

Himkala Adventure is absolutely different than any other tailor-made, local based trekking tour companies because we offer you “Free Walking Tour Kathmandu”. Free Tour is widely popular in European countries which have helped the smart travelers from the different parts of world to explore local area. Inspired by the same concept, the experienced local guide for 20 years, Mr. Shiva Dhakal has been organizing “Free Walking Tours Kathmandu" every Monday and Wednesday from the outer gate of Garden of Dreams.

The tour takes 3-4 hours going through Thamel to Kathmandu Durbar Square and finally to the Monkey Temple, and is of free of cost. Only the money you should pay to go inside the Heritage sites if you like. Free Walking Tour Kathmandu can be organized any day of the week but prior confirmation is required.Free Walking Tours concept is gratuity based modal that allows guests to support and reward only the highest quality tours run by self-employed guide. The route for Free Walking Tours Kathmandu goes southern Thamel to bustling and fascinating backstreets to local stupas, temples, courtyards, Kathmandu’s principal fruit, vegetable, spice, textile and metal pots market and the main gathering point.. On the right hand side of the street, a modest replica of the more impressive Swayambhu stupa is Kathesimbhu stupa.

The temple dates back around 1650 A.D. After this, we go ahead to Bangemudha where we can see the log of tree nailing coin and the locals believe that it is a healing tree particularly to cure a toothache.The most exuberant intersection along this route is Asan Tole where people gather buying and selling locally produced things. The temple in east southern corner is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, the goddess of grain and abundance. The brass – roofed three storeyed temple bristles with icons and imagery. Annapurna is represented by a silver Kailash or vessel. Southwest of Asan, the temple at Janabaha, is dedicated to White Machhindranath, a form of Avalokiteshwora for Buddhists and rain bringing incarnation of Shiva for Hindus. It was built in 1126 according to Nepal Sambat and restored in 17th Century.A.D.We proceed towards Kathmandu urbar Square passing Shiva Temple, glass beads shops, Sky Bhairav Temple, the tallest temple.

The first sight before we reach to northern gate of Kathmandu Durbar Square is Taleju temple, the tallest temple, 36.6 m high, dedicated to tantric goddess Taleju, brought from Southern India, built by Mahendra Malla in 1563 A.D. We see the Pashupati of local area, the Mahendreshwor temple, dedicated to Shiva, marbled on he wall. We pass through the narrow alley, reach to New Road and head south towards Jhochhen where hippies used to rejoice in 1960 that gave Freak Street its name.

Our journey still continues towards west, crossing a Bishnumati bridge, then passing military area, National museum of Chhauni to the conical shaped hill to the Monkey Temple that takes about 45 minutes from Kathmandu Durbar Square to the hill. 

Swoyambhu is an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage site, a UNESCO Heritage Site, Newar Bajrayana influenced tantric power point where we can see five different elements from the nature shown in five different places.After visiting the place, having valley view from the top of the hill, observing Rhesus Macaques monkeys playing around, we return back to Thamel via Chhetrapati.

So, our intenson is you to experience the local culture, art and architecture and interact with local people by the help of local guide. We believe in supporting local communities and encourage self-employed guide. People of any aged group and the people of any physical disabilities also can join us. The Free Walking Tour Kathmandu is based on tips based modal that smart travelers around the world can encourage the local tour guide and enjoy the quality tours every Monday and Wednesday from the front gate of Garden of Dreams sharp at 11 am.

If you have further inquiries, please write mail to : [email protected] or call directly in this number: 977-9841376470 (Shiva)

Namaste with my palms together!!!