Nagarkot to Changunarayan Hiking

Nagarkot to Changunarayan Hiking

Published Date :06 Jun, 2017

The Right Path

Nepal is home to an array of mountain ranges and magnificent walking trails. So when it comes time to plan your journey it can be a bit challenging to know which trail may be right for you. After tirelessly searching for the “right” tour, I found myself feeling a bit skeptical about some of the information that I was coming across on the web. Although I read through countless reviews and blog articles about different people’s journeys, it seemed as though I still questioned whether I would encounter the same experience. To make things a little easier, I’d like to break down some key points when choosing your trek.


After seeing movies like, Everest, I didn't even think of considering Mt. Everest as an option. As one of the highest mountains in the world I knew that my everyday walks to the subway station would be insufficient preparation. However, I did momentarily consider trekking the Mt. Everest Base Camp. On average this takes about twelve to fifteen days. And considering I was only going to be in Nepal for two weeks I didn't want to spend my entire time in Nepal relentlessly climbing every day. Not to mention I wasn't convinced that I was able to walk for that long, for that amount of days. After comparing other treks like: Langtang Valley, Annapurna Circuit and even Poon Hill; I realized I was looking for something a bit shorter in distance. It is really important that your physical abilities match the activities that you are considering. This may also affect the amount of physical (and even mental) preparation that you may need before your trip.

Booking when you get there

Searching on the Internet beforehand, I was only given the numbers of what these treks might be like. Many websites would tell you the distance or number of days or hours. It was challenging to paint a clear picture of what I might be facing. I had so many questions like, what equipment I might need to buy or if I needed to book any hotels in advance for longer treks. Upon arriving I met with a guide who was able to breakdown each trek based on my prior experience, price range, and the length of time. Even though I was able to find some really helpful information on the web, I found it much more beneficial to sit down with Shiva Himkala Adventure, my guide and get all of my questions answered. Though it may seem scary to wait until you arrive to plan that part of your trip, it can save you a lot of time and money. Even a little bit of struggle if you end up signing up for a trek that may be above your skill level. Sometimes websites just care about giving you cheaper price, even if it means making some treks a little bit shorter. This might mean that you spend more time walking per day, which may be much less feasible for you. Luckily, I found this out before booking anything online.

In the end, I just did a one day trek in Nagarkot. This began around sunrise, and I found it to be a magnificent hike through many of the local villages. It was a very serene and peaceful hike that was mostly downhill. It was not too challenging and I found that it was a great fit for me because I wanted something that wasn't too long or tiring. Not to mention, the sceneries from the top were absolutely picturesque. I was happy that I waited until I reached Nepal before planning out that part of my trip, as I may also plan to do some additional hiking. So my best advice it to prepare in advanced physically, but wait until you reach Nepal before booking anything.

Nagarkot to Changunarayan Hiking

Join us on our next trip to Nagarkot! Leave early in the morning and arrive just in time to watch the sunrise. After enjoying the sunrise from the top of the water tower, begin your journey through the top our next destination to a sacred temple on the top of the hill, while enjoying a hot cup of Nepalese milk tea. Set foot on a downhill journey through the local villages. Discover many of the different ethnic groups found here in Nepal, while being surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery. Look down and see the town of Sankhu and Bhaktapur from high up. Along the trail pass the Sakyamuni Buddha Statue, built by the Lama family in remembrance of their family member. Finally, after your 9 mile journey, arrive at the magnificent historical site of the Changunarayan Temple, one of the oldest temples in Kathmandu.


Photo Credit and Article by: Thandiwe Cato, Canada