Osho Tapoban Review - A Secluded Spiritual Getaway from Kathmandu

Osho Tapoban Review - A Secluded Spiritual Getaway from Kathmandu

Published Date :22 Aug, 2016

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience of the spiritual side of Nepal, Osho Tapoban is the perfect place to visit. In Sanskrit, tapoban means a place of mediation, and this sacred space welcomes anyone from beginner to advanced meditators to come and explore themselves.

Osho was a famous philosopher, Indian mystic guru, and spiritual teacher. Osho Tapoban was built by one of his disciples in 1990 and has become an international commune and forest retreat center located in the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. A variety of meditation camps and workshops are offered in this place for reflection, healing, growth, and acceptance. The Tapoban is beautifully designed to be a welcome respite from the noise, dirt, and chaos of Kathmandu city.

Osho Tapoban on a Saturday morning - beautiful greenery and serenity away from the city!

This is a beautiful and safe environment where you are free to let go without judgement - whether it be through dancing, singing, crying, or laughing. We had the chance to experience the dynamic meditation style Osho was famous for promoting - we started off with dancing meditation, then proceeded to guided vocal meditation that led us through our chakras for a cleansing and introspective experience. It was a great experience for a beginner meditator like myself! I learned so much from the experience and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of green mountains and fresh air.

Here, Swami Arun (Swami is what we call male meditators) is seen speaking to his students on the Osho Tapoban grounds.

Osho Tapoban is 10 km from Kathmandu and a half hour drive away. English sessions and texts are widely available and the tapoban is suitable for a trip of any duration from just a day session to a camp that can last a few weeks.

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Happy meditating,

Eden Tseng